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D A Adamson is a native Yorkshire writer with two of his short stories, A Special Gift and The Miner who Would be a Gannet, available on our website. D A Adamson started writing while still in school, and carried on in his later life, working as an advertising copywriter for press, radio and TV in the UK, the States and Scandinavia.

Jasmin Kirkbride is an imaginative story writer and the author of two short stories on our website - the fantasy-like The Cloud Loom and The Locust Theorem, a tale about chasing your dreams. Jasmin's short stories has been published in various magazines, including Open Pen and Haverthorn. Her flash fiction has been shortlisted for

Conveniently sized, priced and beautifully designed quality writing that is leaving literary fiction readers everywhere eager for more. Set in various locations all over the world, the titles in the Fairlight Books’ upcoming Moderns series will introduce new talented writers, bringing fresh literary fiction back into our busy lives in a

Greg Forrester is an author of fantastic magical realism short stories. Born and raised in County Durham, Greg initially dreamed of becoming a teacher. After changing his mind, Greg received a BA degree in Creative Writing from the University of Sunderland, and a masters degree from Newcastle University. Greg's first writing attempt ha

Yvonne Dykes is a writer of empathetic and insightful short stories - The View of the Garden in Summer, Something Understood and The Osprey at Dusk. Brought up in London with eight siblings, Yvonne has been teaching for seventeen years and has recently completed a masters degree in Education. She wrote a draft for her first novel 

Born in Hertfordshire, Paul Sutton Reeves is one of the wittiest Fairlight Books' short story writers. Throughout his life Paul has lived in eleven English counties, teaching economics, working as a freelance journalist, and playing in a number of various 'obscure' music bands. He now lives between East Anglia and Brittany with his wife 

Jamie Guiney is a skilful writer of startling literary short stories. His two works, The Amazing Chen and Turn The Big Light On are available to read on our website. Based in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, Jamie is a graduate of the Faber & Faber Writing Academy. He prefers writing short stories, believing it to be the closest

If you think that YouTube is a place to procrastinate watching cute and silly animal videos, well… you are partly right. But, it can also be a fantastic free tool to learn new things while being a part of a powerful community of people with similar interests. Writing is often seen as a lonely occupation, but it doesn’t have to be.