5 Tips to Help Overcome Writer’s Block


Most writers will be familiar with that dreaded sensation of staring at a blank page and watching the cursor impatiently blink back at you. It feels like the longer you fumble for the right sentence or idea the harder it is to find. Writer’s block can be frustrating, but we’ve got five tips to help get those creative juices flowing again.

Retrace your steps

Often we begin to trip over our ideas when our plot line tangles. If you’re struggling to write that next part, go back. Make sure you’ve been staying true to your plot and character development by charting out the cause and effects in your story. Form a clear plan of how the plot continues to develop. The more you plan out the easier it should be to write.

Ask questions

Maybe you’re stuck because you don’t completely understand the world you’re creating. Ask yourself questions about everything.

What’s your character’s favourite childhood memory?

What odd quirks do they have and why?

What’s the political climate?

You can ask yourself hundreds of questions. Get to know your characters and your world, even all the little things that won’t make an appearance in your final version. The better you understand something the easier it is to write.

Do something with your hands

If you do have a plot hole, do something physical. This can free up your brain to turn over the issue in the background. Hopefully the answer will simply pop into your head.

Switch things up

If you’re struggling to write because you’re less enthusiastic about part of your story then change it. If you don’t even want to write it then people may feel the same about reading it. There are all sorts of different ways to work intrigue and tension into a scene, try rewriting the part a few times and see where it takes you.

Set up a routine 

Sometimes writer’s block is simply procrastination. Setting up a specific writing area and routine can really help train your brain to automatically slip into the right mind-set. If you want to write regularly, a routine is the best way. Of course, sometimes life gets too chaotic to stick to certain times. This is why having a particular area and even a drink can help flip that creative switch.


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