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Our story of the week is a story about jealousy from the writer Emma Franieczek. Emma studied Creative Writing at London South Bank University graduating with a first-class honours degree. Whilst at university Emma had two of her plays performed as rehearsed readings in London, and had her Playella I’d Rather You Didn’t published o

Our story of the week is a comedic story from the writer Michael Downes. Michael was born in Northern Ireland but currently he lives in Victoria, Australia in a small country town with his eldest son. He has enjoyed travelling around the world and working a variety of jobs. Michael started writing in his late twenties. He has a n

Books bring us into the lives of characters. As William Nicholson said, ‘We read to know we’re not alone.’ * It is often through reading that we are able to develop skills such as empathy and self-reflection. This is why diversity is essential and the representation gap in fiction must be filled. Readers should be given the opportun

Our story of the week is a story about insomnia from the writer Rosie Anderson. Rosie completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature at the University of Leicester and is currently continuing her studies there with a Master’s in Creative Writing. She works part time as a waitress and is looking forward to exploring professi

Our story of the week is a village story from the writer Alex Learmont. Alex Learmont was born in Scotland in 1942. He then emigrated to Zimbabwe in 1952. Now he resides in Cape Town. Alex was active in film production between 1958 and 2018 as writer/director/cameraman in corporate communication, training, educational docudrama, intern

In our last blog we interviewed Ova from Excuse My Reading to kick off our exploration of the book reviewing process. Today we've gone behind the scenes with Rosy from Sparkles of Light to learn more about her individual approach to book reviews. What are the platforms you use for book reviewing? I use YouTube primarily for book re

Our story of the week is an amusing story from the writer Niki Baker. Niki lives in Oxfordshire and divides her time between pursuing her career as an author, editing her partner’s work, running her own business, and backpacking around places that people have vaguely heard of but might struggle to find in an atlas. Writing has alw

What goes into a book review? Does it involve multiple bookmarks and furious note taking or is it a casual post read summation of thoughts and opinions? To find out we’ll be asking book reviewers about their processes. To start us off we have interviewed Ova from Excuse My Reading. What are the platforms you use for book reviewing?