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Desperate to try a reading retreat but not sure about the price? We love the idea of a holiday exclusively dedicated to reading. However, spending hundreds on a reading getaway isn’t always practical – especially when you’ll just be focused on your books! This is why we’ve planned an affordable and luxurious DIY reading retreat. H

A frequent reasoning to why someone enjoys reading is that for a couple hours they can be transported from the comfort of their room (or a discomfort of public transport) all the way to a new country, planet or even world. But the incredible thing about books is that they’re not only great for ‘running away’ to a new place, but also

We believe in promoting quality writing – the wider the better. We also love the notion of sharing the books you love with others. Considering both of these ideas, we came up with a worldwide book swapping adventure – a voyage for our books to reach new readers.   [caption id="attachment_2935" align="alignright" width="212"

We turn to books for lots of reasons: comfort, entertainment, escapism, and self-discovery - to name a few. You might not be aware but this is actually a form of therapy: bibliotherapy. This practice takes many forms and genres. In some cases, it means using self-help books to learn and adapt; in others, it involves reading about differen