• Our story of the week is a story about fame from the writer Ursula Brunetti. Ursula is a professional copywriter, journalist and short story writer currently living in London with her husband and children. Her short stories have been highly commended by Visual Verse, Ink Tears, Creative Ink and Cinnamon Press. Ursula has been published […]

  • Last week (14/10) we published a piece on Authors Electric blog asking writers’ input on how to solve industry-wide issues in the publishing submissions process and create a Code of Practice for Submissions. In case you haven’t already seen the blog, you can now read it on our website. Over the time that the blog has […]

  • The Prince of Mirrors by Alan Robert Clark   Two young men with expectations. One predicted to succeed, the other to fail…   Prince Albert Victor, heir presumptive to the British throne, is seen as disastrously inadequate to be king. The grandson of Queen Victoria, he is good-hearted but intensely shy and, some whisper, even […]

  • Looking for creative writing courses, but don’t know where to start?  Check out Fairlight’s Creative Writing School Directory – all of the major courses in the UK listed in one handy place. If you’re thinking about writing a novel for the first time, or if you’ve written one and want advice on how best to […]

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  • 6:30 a.m. Alina wakes up, brushes her teeth, applies unobtrusive makeup for school (a dust of powder and lipstick in a soft brown tone). On her way to the kitchen, where she will make the coffee, she wakes Liviu up with a soft caress on his arm.

  • She pulled a bunch of ribbons from her jacket pocket, selected a red one, then squeezed it in the palm of her hand. ‘I wish,’ she said, and closed her eyes, ‘I wish that today will be the day that I find you.’ She took the ribbon to the

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The Prince of Mirrors by Alan Robert Clark Two young men with expectations. One predicted to succeed, the other to fail… We’re having a Twitter

A frequent reasoning to why someone enjoys reading is that for a couple hours they can be transported from the comfort of their room (or a discomfort

Need some help with those New Year’s reading resolutions? Have you challenged yourself to read more than last year? Maybe you’re stuck in a genre

I sat curled up with my book, in a window seat that stretched almost the entire width of the room. My shoulder was pressed against the glass and seven

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  • Greg Forrester is an author of fantastic magical realism short stories. Born and raised in County Durham, Greg initially dreamed of becoming a teacher. After changing his mind, Greg received a BA degree in Creative Writing from the University of Sund

  • Yvonne Dykes is a writer of empathetic and insightful short stories - The View of the Garden in Summer, Something Understood and The Osprey at Dusk. Brought up in London with eight siblings, Yvonne has been teaching for seventeen years and has

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