• The Prince of Mirrors by Alan Robert Clark   Two young men with expectations. One predicted to succeed, the other to fail…   Prince Albert Victor, heir presumptive to the British throne, is seen as disastrously inadequate to be king. The grandson of Queen Victoria, he is good-hearted but intensely shy and, some whisper, even […]

  • Have you ever dreamed of opening up a bookshop? It is, after all, the perfect excuse to surround yourself with a beautiful collection of titles to share with your community. For sisters Amanda Davidge (left) and Rebecca Bettin (right), the dream is about to come true. While still in the early stages of planning the launch […]

  • Conveniently sized, priced and beautifully designed quality writing that is leaving literary fiction readers everywhere eager for more. Set in various locations all over the world, the titles in the Fairlight Books’ upcoming Moderns series will introduce new talented writers, bringing fresh literary fiction back into our busy lives in a more approachable and attractive […]

  • Do you ever decide to read or steer clear of a book just because it’s a translation? While in the UK bookstores both translated and original literature is displayed together on the shelves, there’s still some vigilance regarding translations. For some of us, a good book is a good book, no matter what language it […]

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  • She pulled a bunch of ribbons from her jacket pocket, selected a red one, then squeezed it in the palm of her hand. ‘I wish,’ she said, and closed her eyes, ‘I wish that today will be the day that I find you.’ She took the ribbon to the

  • 'Hiya Margery,’ the young woman called over the back-garden fence. ‘How’re you feeling?’ ‘Morning Tracey. I don’t feel too bad today. The pills help. I must be taking so many now it’s a wonder the pharmacy has any left for anyone els

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The Prince of Mirrors by Alan Robert Clark Two young men with expectations. One predicted to succeed, the other to fail… We’re having a Twitter

Publishers love getting submissions. We know that each one represents a great deal of hard work and passion. Which is why at Fairlight Books we’ve p

Based in Porto, Portugal, Rui Ricardo is the book cover illustrator of Lou Gilmond’s The Tale of Senyor Rodriguez. Well known for his vintage-style

Welcome to our Author Interview Series. In celebration of The Madonna of the Pool’s book launch on the 27th of July, we asked Helen Stancey a few qu

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  • Jasmin Kirkbride is an imaginative story writer and the author of two short stories on our website - the fantasy-like The Cloud Loom and The Locust Theorem, a tale about chasing your dreams. Jasmin's short stories has been published in various

  • D A Adamson is a native Yorkshire writer with two of his short stories, A Special Gift and The Miner who Would be a Gannet, available on our website. D A Adamson started writing while still in school, and carried on in his later life, working a

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