• Two young men with expectations. One predicted to succeed, the other to fail…   Prince Albert Victor, heir presumptive to the British throne, is seen as disastrously inadequate to be king. The grandson of Queen Victoria, he is good-hearted but intensely shy and, some whisper, even slow-witted. By contrast, Jem Stephen is a renowned intellectual, […]

  • Our Story of the Week is Twist – a wedding day story from the writer Joe Cushnan. Joe was born and raised in Belfast, but left for England at twenty-two in 1976 to pursue a career in retail management. Following this career, and having always had a passion for writing, he placed his memoir/handbook Retail Confidential […]

  • Last week (14/10) we published a piece on Authors Electric blog asking writers’ input on how to solve industry-wide issues in the publishing submissions process and create a Code of Practice for Submissions. In case you haven’t already seen the blog, you can now read it on our website. Over the time that the blog has […]

  • We’re having a Twitter Indie Book Giveaway! To enter for a chance to win three mystery books from fellow independent publishers simply retweet the indicated post, follow us on Twitter @FairlightBooks, and tag a friend in the original tweet. The giveaway opens the 16th of January and runs until the 22nd of January. In keeping […]

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  • I’ve slept badly again. The farmhouse is unearthly cold. Alive, too, in the still of night, with ticks, groans, intestinal gurgles. The fridge, juddering to a halt. Alice was restless. Shy of dawn I heard her get up, potter about downstairs. She

  • I drive. You said you were tired, hadn’t slept all night. The journey to the Lakes takes longer than I remembered. There are more cars on the road, the lorries are bigger; they conspire to keep me in the slow lanes, and new underpasses baffle me.

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I sat curled up with my book, in a window seat that stretched almost the entire width of the room. My shoulder was pressed against the glass and seven

There’s something magical about bookshops. It’s easy to let the rest of the world fall away as you browse gateways to hundreds of different storie

Looking for creative writing courses, but don’t know where to start?  Check out Fairlight’s Creative Writing School Directory – all of the majo

Ghostwriting is a major part of the publishing industry - with a great idea for a book but no time (or, regrettably, enough expertise) to write it, pa

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  • Jamie Guiney is a skilful writer of startling literary short stories. His two works, The Amazing Chen and Turn The Big Light On are available to read on our website. Based in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, Jamie is a graduate of the Faber &am

  • Born in Hertfordshire, Paul Sutton Reeves is one of the wittiest Fairlight Books' short story writers. Throughout his life Paul has lived in eleven English counties, teaching economics, working as a freelance journalist, and playing in a number of va

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