The Tale of Senyor Rodriguez

The Tale of Senyor Rodriguez

A Dead Man’s House.  A Dead Man’s Clothes…

What would you Do?

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  • When Misha lost her fifth baby tooth, she understood that she was going to die one day. She couldn’t say why it was this tooth in particular that had caused this revelation, but there it was, plain as the bloody molar in her palm: the truth, plu

  • Jason Donovan has been living under my bed in a Vitalite margarine tub since yesterday afternoon and he is a terrible listener, likes eating insects, and has a difficult relationship with Kylie Minogue. Also, he won’t let me introduce him to the gi

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There’s something magical about bookshops. It’s easy to let the rest of the world fall away as you browse gateways to hundreds of different storie

After a month of many imaginative submissions and some hard choices it’s time to announce the three winners of our Oxford Reading Spots Photography

Have you ever thought about joining any online writing groups? While it’s great to be able to meet a writing circle face-to-face to share your writi

We turn to books for lots of reasons: comfort, entertainment, escapism, and self-discovery - to name a few. You might not be aware but this is actuall

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  • Wendy Holborow is one of our poetic short story writers. Her beautifully elegant story Crows Caw in Cwmdonkin Park is available to read here. Wendy was born in South Wales, UK and lived in Greece for fourteen years. She founded and co-edited Poet

  • Kathryn Marie Halton is the short story writer of Ever Decreasing Circles - a moving tale about what it is like to feel alone and lonely. Kathryn graduated from the University College of Ripon and York St John in the early 1990s, with a BA Hons in

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Our mission is to promote contemporary literary fiction and quality writing, whatever the genre and however it is published. We aim to bring together a community with a shared passion – a love of books and great writing.

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