• Last week (14/10) we published a piece on Authors Electric blog asking writers’ input on how to solve industry-wide issues in the publishing submissions process and create a Code of Practice for Submissions. In case you haven’t already seen the blog, you can now read it on our website. Over the time that the blog has […]

  • Our Story of the Week is a 1920s story from the writer John Lee Langton. John turned to writing later in life, first taking a creative writing evening course at a local college, and then following up a couple of years later with the prestigious Diploma in Creative writing from Kellogg College, the graduate college […]

  • Looking for creative writing courses, but don’t know where to start?  Check out Fairlight’s Creative Writing School Directory – all of the major courses in the UK listed in one handy place. If you’re thinking about writing a novel for the first time, or if you’ve written one and want advice on how best to […]

  • Have you ever borrowed an eBook or digital audiobook from your library? Did you even know you could? Well you can! This is another free service offered by libraries to make books more accessible and promote reading. For libraries week, 9th-14th of October, we want to show our support by explaining how to borrow eBooks […]

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  • I’ve slept badly again. The farmhouse is unearthly cold. Alive, too, in the still of night, with ticks, groans, intestinal gurgles. The fridge, juddering to a halt. Alice was restless. Shy of dawn I heard her get up, potter about downstairs. She

  • I drive. You said you were tired, hadn’t slept all night. The journey to the Lakes takes longer than I remembered. There are more cars on the road, the lorries are bigger; they conspire to keep me in the slow lanes, and new underpasses baffle me.

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Yesterday, September 18th, was Samuel Johnson’s 308th birthday! In honour of this revolutionary lexicographer we decided to take a closer look at hi

Have you ever thought about joining any online writing groups? While it’s great to be able to meet a writing circle face-to-face to share your writi

I sat curled up with my book, in a window seat that stretched almost the entire width of the room. My shoulder was pressed against the glass and seven

Post taken from Authors Electric Blog (14/10) Last week I heard a shocking story from a writer friend. It probably isn’t shocking to those writers

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  • Barbara Mercer is one of the Fairlight Books' most original writers. She's the author of the popular short story The Glow Worm. Born and raised in Manchester, Barbara read English at Royal Holloway, University of London. Throughout the years she has

  • Kathryn Marie Halton is the short story writer of Ever Decreasing Circles - a moving tale about what it is like to feel alone and lonely. Kathryn graduated from the University College of Ripon and York St John in the early 1990s, with a BA Hons in

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