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It can be quite difficult to understand copyright for authors and what you can and cannot do when writing a book. There are some issues that every writer needs to be aware of, both when it comes to your own work, and someone else’s words you are planning on using in your text. Here are a few basic rules, which are quite simple and easy

Fairlight Books will be adding five new titles to the Fairlight Moderns series throughout 2019. Conveniently sized, priced and beautifully designed these superbly written novellas are leaving literary fiction readers everywhere eager for more. In July, we will be publishing Minutes from the Miracle City by Omar Sabbagh and Atlantic Win

Read some spooky Halloween stories this scary season. Here is a selection of our favourite ones.   City Lights by John Lee Langton An old building, scary shadows and an odd mirror - this horror story has all the right ingredients.       Candlelight by Greg Forrester To what lengths would you go to

Winter is just around the corner… and there’s no better way to spend the cold evenings curled up under a blanket, reading. So, we thought, why not make it a themed read. Last December, instead of our usual short stories, we published three stories set in the cold winter months, or with a festive theme. Here is a taste of the storie

Our short story of the week is a story about disability by Jen Knox. Jen Knox was born and raised in the Midwestern states and has worked primarily in the non-profit sector and academia. Her writing has a strong focus on tumultuous family relationships and our relationship with the natural world. Her short stories can be found in ov

The first thing a publisher will read from your submission is your cover letter. This will tell them whether you are a good match for their list and their company, and a good cover letter always shows commitment. So don't wreck your chances with a bad cover letter, and here are some tips on how to write a good one. (These tips mostly appl

Alan Robert Clark is the author of the historical novel The Prince of Mirrors. An author and ghost-writer from Scotland, this is his second novel to date. We have chatted to Alan about his writing career, the process and inspiration behind The Prince of Mirrors, and much more. How did you start writing? It depends what you mean b

She pulled a bunch of ribbons from her jacket pocket, selected a red one, then squeezed it in the palm of her hand. ‘I wish,’ she said, and closed her eyes, ‘I wish that today will be the day that I find you.’ She took the ribbon to the large elm tree and tied it onto a low hanging branch. It flapped lazily in the breeze. Fr