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Joe Cushnan is the author of two short stories on our website, Sweetheart and Twist. He was born and raised in Belfast but left for England at the age of twenty-two to pursue a career in retail management. His hobbies have always been reading and writing. Over the years, Joe has had poetry and general features published in newspapers and

Mike Fox is the author of When You Became Me - a short story about time and growing-up available on our website. Mike has co-authored a book and published many articles on the human repercussions of illness. Now writing fiction, his stories have appeared in, or been accepted for publication by, The London Journal of Fiction, Popshot, Into

If you happen to see a perplexing plum bicycle or black and violet post box when wandering the streets of Oxford, don’t be concerned, Oxford isn’t remodelling itself into a purple city. These flashes of purple aim to bring more than just colour, they represent the work of the Oxford Poetry Library (OPL) – a bicycle-driven, travellin

It is increasingly important to curate your author brand. Establishing a loyal fan base not only helps you connect to your audience but can also improve your publishing prospects. A writer’s first step in building their brand should be creating an attractive, user-friendly website. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your website p

Teresa Stenson is the author of Things I Have Learnt About Jason Donovan, a hilarious short story available on our website. She lives in York where she balances a career as a ghostwriter and editor alongside her own creative writing. Her short stories have been published widely and have been placed in several competitions, including The

Our short story of the week is an angelic story by Stefan Grieve. Stefan developed a love of writing from a young age. His passion drew him to experiment with a variety of writing styles in all different types of media. As an avid member of his writing groups, Stefan can be found in meetings for the Blackhorse poets; in which he sit

Our short story of the week is a heroic story by Biycekizi. Biycekizi is a short story writer based in America and the author of Ghazi. In Ghazi, Biycekizi creates a tale of survival in a war-torn land and shows us how the actions of the past have shaped the present. 'The "bandit group" that General Kozlov was referring to was th

Ric Cheyney was born in Cambridge, England. For ten years he was a semi-pro singer/songwriter in the Cambridge area, supplemented by various jobs including bus driver and college gyp. Ric completed a BA (Hons) Literature degree at the University of Essex in 1983, and a PGCE diploma at the university of Manchester in 1984. After that he ta