Joe Cushnan

Joe Cushnan

Joe Cushnan was born and raised in Belfast but left for England at the age of twenty-two to pursue a career in retail management. He has worked in various locations across the UK. Joe met his future wife when they both worked for BHS. They have two grown-up sons. Joe is now retired after nearly forty years of working.

Joe’s hobbies have always been reading and writing. Over the years, he has had poetry and general features published in newspapers and magazines. After his management career, Joe found a publisher for his memoir/handbook Retail Confidential. He also self-published books of fun verse as well as a biography of a 1960s film star, Stephen Boyd: from Belfast to Hollywood. In the past decade Joe has accumulated a substantial portfolio of published features, reviews and poetry. He also writes a regular blog.


Q: What is the first book you remember reading, or being read to as a child?

A: Shane by Jack Schaefer, a classic western story. Westerns are my all-time favourite genre in films and TV.


Q: Do you have a favourite quote? (from a book, movie, song, speech…)

A: ‘Sometimes words can serve me well and sometimes words can go to hell……’ from a song, Story of a Life by Harry Chapin


Q: If you could teleport yourself anywhere, real or fictional, where would it be and why?

A: Monument Valley, on the Arizona/Utah border where so many great western films were made. Awesome.