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The first thing a publisher will read from your submission is your cover letter. This will tell them whether you are a good match for their list and their company, and a good cover letter always shows commitment. So don't wreck your chances with a bad cover letter, and here are some tips on how to write a good one. (These tips mostly appl

Karen B. Golightly is an Associate Professor of English and the author of a page-turning novella There Are Things I Know. Karen has chatted to us about the many things and people that have inspired her new book, and shared some helpful creative writing advice. How did you start writing and did you always want to be a writer? As a ki

Sophie van Llewyn is the brilliant author behind the magical realist novella, Bottled Goods. In this interview Sophie has shared with us the first time she considered becoming a writer, why she loves the novella-in-flash genre, and what inspired her to write Bottled Goods. How did you start writing? I was in Middle School, and our R

Based in the High Desert of California, Sara Marchant is the author of Fairlight Books' novella The Driveway Has Two Sides. We have talked to Sara about who motivates her to write, what she has learned from her stories, and what is the island from The Driveway Has Two Sides based on. How did you start writing? My first short story

Sara Wood is a book designer based in New York City. She has created the design for the Fairlight Moderns series (out 11 July, 2018). Sara has shared with us how she got into book design, her work process on the Moderns series, the many people that inspire her work, and her dream book to design. How did you get into art & design

Based in Cornwall, Emma Timpany is the author of Fairlight Books' novella Travelling in the Dark (out 11 July, 2018). She has previously published two short story collections and has recently co-edited Cornish Short Stories: A Collection of Contemporary Cornish Writing. We have have talked to Emma about her writing career, pet peeves, and

The Prince of Mirrors by Alan Robert Clark Two young men with expectations. One predicted to succeed, the other to fail… We’re having a Facebook The Prince of Mirrors Giveaway! To enter for a chance to win a signed advance reader copy simply share the indicated post, follow and like us on Facebook @FairlightBooks. The giveaway o

Anthony Ferner is the author of Inside the Bone Box, one of the novellas in our Fairlight Moderns series. In addition to his academic articles and monographs, this will be Anthony’s second novella. We have chatted to him about his writing career, the research and inspiration behind Inside the Bone Box, and much more. How did you star