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Last week the Fairlight Books team went to the London Book Fair. There is nothing quite like two halls overflowing with book lovers - we’re a passionate bunch. It was three days packed full of meetings, exploration, and lots of excitement. We had the great pleasure of meeting some of our authors, and quite a few new writers. The Fairli

The London Book Fair (LBF 2018) is here! After weeks spent preparing, the time has finally come to gather our beautiful titles and head to London. We absolutely can't wait to see our well-known and new writers and authors, meet booksellers and fellow publishers, and showcase our upcoming books. If you're at the LBF 2018, please, come a

To celebrate the London Book Fair we're holding three giveaways, one each on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Twitter LBF Giveaway  The prize for this giveaway is a Fairlight Modern of your choosing. To enter, simply retweet the indicated tweet and follow us on Twitter @FairlightBooks on Tuesday the 10th before midnight. This givea

I recently took a trip to Australia and after thoroughly enjoying my London Bookshop Crawl I eagerly planned one for Sydney. I visited a selection of indies and chain booksellers for a thorough investigation of Australian bookshops. One thing I noticed was the prevalence of paperbacks. Very few books were available as hardbacks, despite m

With thousands of literary festivals being held across the world every year, it would be a shame to miss out on this bookish fun. Based in Oxford, we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a week of inspiring talks and stirring conversations in our local Oxford Literary Festival. But similarly, almost every town in the UK has a literary fe

Do you ever decide to read or steer clear of a book just because it’s a translation? While in the UK bookstores both translated and original literature is displayed together on the shelves, there’s still some vigilance regarding translations. For some of us, a good book is a good book, no matter what language it was written in, but ot

There is something relaxing about taking the time to sit with pen and paper and give your thoughts physical weight. Writing by hand accesses different parts of your brain than typing and some writers find it helps spark their creativity. There are even some ambidextrous writers who switch hands to overcome writer’s block as they find in

In honour of Mother's Day we've rounded up six stories that explore the many facets of motherhood. So, take a short break, kick back and relax with one of these Mother's Day stories. Shall We Dance? Even in times of grief our mothers help us smile.         A Tiding of Magpies A mother's greatest joy.