Our Story of the Week is a poetry story from the accomplished writer Wendy Holborow. Wendy recently earned a distinction for a Creative Writing MA from Swansea University where she studied the Short Story with the acclaimed writer Jon Gower. She has won prizes for her short stories, notably the Philip Good Memorial Prize, The Aber Vall

Book to film adaptions are essentially an act of translation. As with languages, each medium has its own limitations and advantages. But is a successful adaption just about accurately representing the original story? As translators must navigate cultural disparities and idioms, adaptors must transform the mental experience into a visual a

Our Story of the Week is a colourful art story from the talented writer Yvonne Dykes. Yvonne writes both short stories and longer fiction. In 2014, she self-published her first novel Brondesbury Villas on Amazon Kindle and began attending creative writing courses at City Lit. In 2015, her first short story, A Death, was published in Ci

Our Story of the Week is a humorous story from the imaginative writer Paul Sutton Reeves. Paul’s writing experience covers a range of styles. He wrote the biography of avant-garde musician, Bill Nelson and worked as a freelance journalist on the topics of music and economics. Paul is a ‘veteran of a number of obscure bands’ and t

We believe in promoting quality writing – the wider the better. We also love the notion of sharing the books you love with others. Considering both of these ideas, we came up with a worldwide book swapping adventure – a voyage for our books to reach new readers. [caption id="attachment_2929" align="alignleft" width="169"] Books Rea

Our Story of the Week is a family story from the astute writer Helen Stancey. Helen has been writing since she was a little girl growing up in Yorkshire. Over the years she has continued to nurture her passion for writing, earning an English degree from the University College London and publishing two novels Words (1983) and Common Gro

Our Short Story of the week is a story about books from the thrilling writer Neal Mason. Neal’s writing career has been full of variety. He’s had stories, monologues, and poems published, as well as being successful in story, poetry, and play competitions. Neal has explored a number of places during his travels, particularly in Eas

Barbara Mercer’s short story The Glow Worm weaves a rich tale that offers so much more than its surface meaning. Set in a time of religious turmoil in England, the story places us thrillingly close to the birth of William Shakespeare and the wealth of culture and literature that comes with him, adding more layers to an already engrossin