Our story of the week is survival story from the writer Dr Hannah Stevens. Hannah Stevens has a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Leicester. She writes short stories and flash fiction. Hannah's work has been featured in numerous anthologies, magazines and literary journals. She also teaches creative writing workshops in

Our story of the week is a biographical story from the writer Helena Hinn. Helena began writing in 1984. She writes poetry and short fiction. She has been published in Virago, Women’s Press, Faber & Faber and OUP anthologies. Helena currently lives in Newcastle on Tyne. She spends her time writing, attending literature and fil

Our story of the week is an amusing story from the writer Michael Downes. Michael was born in Northern Ireland but currently he lives in Victoria, Australia in a small country town with his eldest son. He has enjoyed travelling around the world and working a variety of jobs. Michael started writing in his late twenties. He has a

Our story of the week is a story about determination from the writer Nadeem Zaman. Nadeem was born in Bangladesh and grew up there and in Chicago. He’s been writing since he was a child. Short stories are his love and his work has been published in journals such as Roanoke Review, East Bay Review, Open Road Review, The Dhaka Tr

Do you ever decide to read or steer clear of a book just because it’s a translation? While in the UK bookstores both translated and original literature is displayed together on the shelves, there’s still some vigilance regarding translations. For some of us, a good book is a good book, no matter what language it was written in, but ot

Conveniently sized, priced and beautifully designed quality writing that is leaving literary fiction readers everywhere eager for more. Set in various locations all over the world, the titles in the Fairlight Books’ upcoming Moderns series will introduce new talented writers, bringing fresh literary fiction back into our busy lives in a

Our story of the week is a story about unexpected visitors from the writer Teresa Stenson. Teresa cultivates a range of writing skills as an editor, ghost writer, and in her own creative works. She has written almost a dozen books on behalf of her clients and had her own short stories published. Teresa has also recently begun sharin

Our story of the week is a story about fame from the writer Ursula Brunetti. Ursula is a professional copywriter, journalist and short story writer currently living in London with her husband and children. Her short stories have been highly commended by Visual Verse, Ink Tears, Creative Ink and Cinnamon Press. Ursula has been publis