Rebecca Audrey Johnson

Rebecca Audrey Johnson

Rebecca Audrey Johnson has always loved words. She was a bookworm as a child and her curiosity for foreign languages led her to travel widely working as a translator. She gained a PhD in Translation & Intercultural Studies before becoming an author. She now lives off-grid on a mountain in Northern Spain.


Q: Is there a book that you keep going back to, and if so, how many times have you read it?

A: All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. I’ve been halfway through it for over a decade because I find the writing so intensely powerful that I always have to take a break and start over again from the beginning – and I enjoy it more each time. It’s definitely my favourite book, but I still haven’t finished it!


Q: What superpower would you like to have and why?

A: To be able to fly. Because it would be amazingly fun, and because aeroplanes make me nervous.


Q: If you could teleport yourself anywhere, real or fictional, where would it be and why?

A: Easter Island. Because it’s too small and too far away from anywhere else to justify travelling to, but still such a beguiling mystery.