How to Tread Lightly on the Earth

by Lucinda Ford

Published: 01/2023
ISBN: 9781912054114
RRP: £7.99
Length: 112 Pages
Format: Paperback

For many of us, concern for the planet and our footprint upon it is a part of everyday life. Our newsfeeds are full of reports of climate disaster, plastic pollution in our oceans and a collapse in worldwide biodiversity. We know ‘something must be done’. But this is a complex and confusing proposition. What exactly must be done? By whom? And in a world of eight billion people, what can any one of us do that can genuinely make a difference?

Based on her own journey trying to ‘tread more lightly on the Earth’, Lucinda provides a crash course in the facts of the problem, plus tips on reducing your carbon footprint, plastic use and impact on biodiversity.


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