How to Mend a Broken Heart

Lessons from the World of Neuroscience

by Ziella Bryars

‘Did you hear Amy has heartbreak?! What bad luck to catch it right at the end of winter.’

When Ziella Bryars was in the midst of heartbreak, a conversation with her neuroscientist best friend changed everything. Frustrated by unhelpful advice from magazines and rom-coms, Ziella began diving deep into the latest scientific research to help her understand the pain of heartbreak and find a route to recovery.

This warm and witty self-help book outlines the impact a relationship break-up has on our brains and bodies, and explores how a science-based approach can help us heal. Ziella passes on what she learned about how a broken heart can affect everything from our sleep to our digestion; how rejection is represented in the brain in the same way as physical pain; how the brain processes loss; and how a break-up can trigger addiction-like withdrawal symptoms – plus tips for counteracting heartbreak and moving on to acceptance.


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