How to Market Your Book

by Lynn Morrison

How to Market Your Book

Published: 01/08/2020
ISBN: 9781912054442
Length: 144
RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback

These days, regardless of whether a book is self-published or traditionally published, there will be an expectation on the author to take an active role in marketing their book. Based on a series of interviews with successful authors from both sides of the publishing divide and both sides of the pond, Lynn lays out in detail the marketing strategies that have worked for them, alongside an explanation of how book marketing works based on her own long-standing career as a senior marketing exec.

From developing social media tactics and arranging promotional events to handling press and trying to start viral campaigns, Lynn offers practical advice designed to help an author find a book marketing strategy that best works for them, based on their personal strengths and budget.


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‘A fantastic resource for anyone looking to get their writing in front of more people. Morrison turns the overwhelming task of marketing  into bite-size tips and tutorials that anyone can implement.’ Stephanie Jankowski, author of Schooled (Page Street Publishing, January 2020)