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It has been a little bit more than a month since we have released a number of Fairlight Books on a book crossing voyage. It has been a fantastic adventure so far and we are astounded at how far some of the books travelled. A number of books found their way to London and other UK cities. Other copies of Lou Gilmond's The Tale of Senyor Rod

Neal Mason is the imaginative short story writer behind one of the most popular stories published on Fairlight Books website - Stocktaking. Neal was born in Middlesex. After finishing his education in Norfolk he spent most of his life tutoring for the University of Wales, WEA and Fairfield Arts Centre, and travelling. Neal is a fan of

Based in Porto, Portugal, Rui Ricardo is the book cover illustrator of Lou Gilmond’s The Tale of Senyor Rodriguez. Well known for his vintage-style imagery, he has published his own graphic novels as well as collaborated with such famous names as The Times, Virgin, Tommy Hilfiger and Samsung. We have chatted to Rui about his designs, wh

We believe in promoting quality writing – the wider the better. We also love the notion of sharing the books you love with others. Considering both of these ideas, we came up with a worldwide book swapping adventure – a voyage for our books to reach new readers.   [caption id="attachment_2935" align="alignright" width="212"

Finn Campbell-Notman is the book illustrator of the recently published short story collection by Helen Stancey The Madonna of the Pool. Recognisable for his lyrical imagery, Finn is the artist behind many well-known books. These include the striking and famous cover of a girl dancing with Death for Markus Zusak’s award-winning novel The

Ghostwriting is a major part of the publishing industry - with a great idea for a book but no time (or, regrettably, enough expertise) to write it, partnering with a ghostwriter is a convenient choice for many. Yet, due to the specification of the job and the collaboration with celebrities and famous authors, the work of ‘ghosts’ is o

The idea of book crowdfunding is not a new one – book subscription services have been around for years, allowing authors and their publishers to inspect the size of the market for their particular book projects. Many crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have opened up even more possibilities for writers and artists to g